Wyandotte Bantam


This miniature breed was developed from the large Wyandotte, originating from the U.S.A. The Wyandotte bantam is a medium heavy fowl with an almost round body. They have a friendly, placid nature.

The cocks are not aggressive so they are ideal for people that only want to keep a few birds as a hobby. They are very suitable for children.

Giving them a free run is usually not a problem, as they do not feel the need to wander far. Hens are excellent layers and reliable broodies, sometimes they are used as foster mothers for eggs and chicks of less reliable breeds. They are not inclined to fly hence can be kept behind a two foot high fence.

Without a doubt, Wyandotte bantams are among the most popular bantam worldwide. Not only for their ‘cuddly’ appearance but for their hardiness, lovely nature and vast color range.

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