White Chinese Geese


The Chinese goose is the most ornamental goose of all the domestic geese, They are very graceful and elegant to look at.

The breed originated from the China Swan goose – Anser Cyngnoides – which breeds in Siberia and Upper Mongolia.

The White were bred as ‘sports’ from the Brown. The first White Chinas in this century were shown at the Worlds Poultry Congress in London in 1930..

They are excellent layers, 60-70 eggs not being unusual, good sitters and mothers, sometimes laying a second batch in autumn.

As weeders they are excellent, and are the principal breed used as weeding geese in USA.



These birds are of the Asiatic Class and were originally called the Chinese Shanghai Fowl because they originated in the Shanghai district of China. The name was later changed to ‘Cochin China’ and finally shortened to ‘Cochin’. Until recently this breed was almost lost, but are now being recreated.

They are a large bird, with feathered feet, easily contained, very docile, and easily tamed. Hens lay a medium sized egg, but are good layers. They are good broodies and very capable of looking after their chickens.

Hopefully by the end of this year I shall have Silverlaced Large Cochins also Black Cochins.

Silkies originating in China


The Silkie reigns supreme when it comes to feathered pets. With their silky fluffy plumage they look as if they are formally dressed for a special occasion.

Its persistant broodiness is a breed characteristic,some people keep them just to hatch eggs from other fowl. They are good layers, although can be spasmodic.

They make an excellent childrens pet as they have a very quiet nature, easily tamed. They come in quite a collection of colors: Black, Blue, Buff, Partridge, Red, White, and shades of all the above. Although for show purposes, variations do not apply.



This Breed was developed by an Englishman, William Cook from a small village in Kent, named Orpington.

Originally bred for meat and laying capabilities. A stately majestic breed, in general they are a very docile bird, responding well to human attention. Despite their large size, they lay an average sized egg, but are reasonably consistent.

Hens are very capable mothers and broodies.

I keep Large Black, Blue, Splash and Buff.